Crowdfunding for Artists

Get your project funded 


-> for filmmakers, musicians, dancers, painters, ... and artists and creatives of all kinds!

-> simple advice that will help you to choose realistic goals and get your project funded

-> no upfront fee



You will learn how to:

+ Raise up to 30% of your goal even before you launch your campaign 

+ Build up your network and social media profiles before your launch

+ Create an engaging campaign page and video 

+ Build a campaign team that will help you to reach your goals

+ Get results and save time by focusing on simple strategies that work

Take a look at some of my previous campaigns here:


The Power of One Coin - Short film, 2017/18

  • 30k raised
  • I was one of the two campaign leaders working with a team of more than 10 team assistants

Sacrifice - Short film, 2018/19

  • over £4,500 raised on Indiegogo and Paypal
  • 30% of the funds where raised before our official campaign launch

Erica - Feature film, 2019/2020

  • over £6k raised on Indiegogo and Paypal
  • 116% of target raised on Indiegogo

Consultations are available at my studio in Stratford/East London or via Skype.



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